Live Alive Book – English 10pc

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The One Drop beginners guide to Young Living.

This is a great introductory book for anyone who is new to Young Living and essential oils. It covers all you need to know to get started on your oiling journey.


Below are some of the topics covered:

– What are essential oils
– An introduction to Young Living
– Application methods for essential oils
– Young Living product guides
– Various ways to use the products
– How to place your order
– Introduction to One Drop
– How to start sharing

This book has 50 pages, is a4-sized and in full colour.


We have updated the Essential Rewards page, please download the relevant new page in order to have the most updated information.

Essential Rewards Singapore in English.
Essential Rewards Singapore in Chinese.
Essential Rewards Singapore in Bahasa Indonesia.


Popular Oils Overview in English
Popular Oils Overview in Chinese
Popular Oils Overview in Bahasa Indonesia


This is the FIRST version of the Live Alice book.

If you would like the latest version instead, please go here instead.

We are clearing this book at $60 for 10 copies.

We will only be selling this via bulk.


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  1. This is an awesome book, perfect for beginners and veteran oilers alike! We NEED a book just for Asians and this fills the gap!

  2. Wow, Your Live Alive book is excellent!
    I am willing to buy one for my self!Yess???
    I understood, you shipping only inside Singapore.
    I would like to ask any exception?
    If you like, i may promote your book in our team?
    Sure , there will be interest available for self learning of the distributer.

    Best regards

    Tuula Toivanen-Labiad
    lecturer, UAS Helsinki

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