Who Are We?

One drop is a community of essential oil lovers. It started because 4 simple Singaporean girls fell in love with the Young Living essential oils and made a decision in 2010 that this love was worth nurturing and weaving into their lives and to those of whom they care about.

We are not a take-your-money-and run MLM group. We love the oils and our journey with the oils have completely changed our lives and we have come to understand that this community has been a God given gift for us to reach out to help change other lives one at a time. We truly care and want to walk this with you. Beautifully moulded over the years; we now have caught a vision of changing the mindset of health through responsibility, empathy and compassion. We invite you to journey with us!


We are a community of friends – old and new – bound by our love of the essential oils. This is a team you can count on to receive support and to grow to give love.


Here, we talk essential oils! Our lives are infused with the oils because we have experienced enormous changes physical, emotionally and spiritually through these God-given gifts! 


Knowledge is power. And it empowers. We strive constantly to provide users and members with the necessary information to become confident in using the Young Living Essential Oils


It matters to us that learning and using the essential oils better your life. It matters to us that you feel love and cared for first.


Young Living offers the opportunity for you to create a life of entrepreneurship and growth. One Drop offers the perfect team for you to journey this with.


We believe changing our health and life is no longer a far-fetched dream. Join this revolution to change the life of this generation.