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Your magical place

Member Virtual Office Tour

Your Virtual Office (VO) is the magic place to update orders, check on past orders, be updated on stocks availability, access learning information, monitor your team progress and so on and so forth! Knowing how to use this site can help you so much so do take time to go through this. 

Pick your country site from here. This site allows you to order products that are available for sale in your market. If you are on Essential Rewards, you will most likely be ordering from your local market unless you indicate otherwise.



On this page, choose the country you are ordering your Essential Rewards from. Login with your personal details.

  • Click on “ESSENTIAL REWARDS”. This allows you to enter the template for you to enter or change orders and particulars. DO NOT ORDER UNDER “STANDARD ORDER“. This will not be counted for points!
  • You will then come to an overview page showing your details of your ER Account.
  • You will be able to make all the changes for your account and order here.

Click here to the step by step guide. Remember that if you have any problems placing your order, you can always contact your local Young Living office, or email them directly with your order.


A: Flag icons

– Switch between your country flag’s icon and the USA flag icon.

– At your country flag’s icon, you are in the local country’s Young Living website and your products are ordered from the local market

– At the USA flag’s icon, you will enter the USA website, where you can order products that are currently not in your local market. These are known as NFR orders – Not For Resale orders.

– Please note that there are some products that may have contents that may pose problems when shipping into your local market. These may require additional paperwork and even a doctor’s letter. An example of these is the Regenolone™ Moisturizing Cream. There are also hormonal products that cannot be shipped into some international markets. Please find out from your team before ordering.

B: Live Help

– This is a US-based real-time customer service chat that allows you to be helped online

– Please note that this feature operates on USA time, and only offers help for orders from USA.