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Sharing and Earning
Making a difference in a friend's life and yours - at the same time

Sharing and Earning


The organizational platform Young Living carefully considered to uphold their business from; is that of a sharing model – direct sales. Before your alarm bells ring unduly, let us assure you even the ONEDROP founders were equally miffed at the beginning. But when we opened our hearts and minds to learn who YL is, what its values truly are, we then begin to realise how much we have misjudged direct sales based on some truly unruly bad behaviors from the “bad apples”.

One of the biggest merits in the YL Community (and dare I say ONEDROP) is the close-knitted sharing of each other’s experience in keeping ourselves well NATURALLY. The Facebook groups, whatsapp groups, twitter, instagrams, meet-up groups are just plentiful because the positive impacts and transformations have been very personally experienced. When something is THAT good, who wouldn’t stop talking about it? We don’t believe in a sales pitch. The products speak for themselves and all you need to do is allow yourself and your friends fall in love with the products.

In Singapore, when we have found the best kept secrets in food, there is no way we will stop talking about it. So it is the same for the essential oils!


Here’s a worthy thing to know: Let’s say you had an amazing experience with the YL products and CHOOSE to share with some friends. If they CHOOSE to start their own account with you as a referring member, YL sends a token “Thank you” sum to you. It can start with just USD$25; and grows as you share more. The amount helps someone who loves what they are experiencing with YL save partially or even completely what they would normally spend each month to get their own products.

As you find confidence in the products and choose to share more actively with others, this amount begins to grow and you find yourself creating an additional income stream anywhere from $100 to $500 or much more. You don’t have to build an empire of a business here now! Friends simply help friends get on best deals through a wholesale membership account. Find out how here. Then you teach them how to help their friends hit the best deals too. Here’s a quick infographic Blessings of an Accidental Income!

Look! We don’t want you to have to talk about this at all if there is nothing to rave about! We dig authentic. Share along ONLY if you had benefited and want to help someone else enjoy the health benefits too! But when you ever do want to take a peek into how your life can also be abundantly transformed through YL, just let us know too! Right now. Go ahead.

Enjoy this oiling journey!