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Sign Up Guide

You may be looking at this page because
1) You need information to help yourself sign up and get some of these best stuff on planet earth!


2) Your friends are bugging you to help them start their membership. It’s hard not to talk about the oils when they WORK! Which is why it is inevitable at some point your friends will ask you “How do I get some of that magic you have?” If your friends just wanted to try 1 or 2 oils, go on and perhaps help them purchase some. When they are given the opportunity to experience the power of the oils and when they are guided on how to best use these oils effectively and safely; many will come to you asking for more. That is when we say “Friends teach friends how to save!”. When your friends are ready, show them the options they have – to start with Essential Rewards or to start an account with Standard Orders.




Here’s a quick overview on how to help friends (or yourself) set up an account online. Most importantly it also shows the various starter kits you can choose to purchase when you start your account.



Here’s a step by step guide on how to help friends (or yourself) set up an account online.
*Note: Illustration is only for Singapore site


Decide on the Type of Membership (Click the link and read about the benefits of the various options) as well as the type of Start Kit you wish to purchase.


  • Go to your local Young Living website (you can choose the country from here)
  • Click on BECOME A MEMBER


Click on Become a Member

  • Choose Wholesale Member in order to enjoy 24% off Retail Prices
  • Sponsor and Enroller fields:

– If you are signing yourself up – enter the Member Number of the friend who referred you. If no one did, check our leaders page where you can pick someone whom you would like to be supported by!

– If you are assisting your friend to sign up, enter your own Member Number as the referring member.

At Sponsor and Enroller fields, enter your Member Number as his/her referral

Fill up the Personal Information accordingly

Fill up the Personal Information accordingly

Remember to check on the box to agree to the Young Living Terms and Conditions.

Check on the box to agree to the Young Living Terms and Conditions.

Ensure that a valid Email Address is entered so that as the new member  receives updates from Young Living as well as monthly newsletter from One Drop. The password to our One Drop Learning Vault is only sent to those with valid emails in the Young Living database.

Create a Username, Password and a 4-Digit Pin.

Please store these 3 security information in an accessible place.

Create their Username, Password and a 4-Digit Pin

Click ESSENTIAL REWARDS if you have chosen to start your membership with this program with many loyalty benefits. In the next step, you will need to select products with total minimum value of 100PV to start your account free.

Click REGULAR ORDERS if you want to purchase a Starter Kit instead to start your membership.

Click NEXT to add the necessary items to the order

Things to Note

  • For Essential Rewards Membership, ensure that your friend enter their credit card details, save and click to choose the card as priority payment method.
  • Ensure all updates are saved!
  • Young Living will send the enroller an email to update you of the registration.
  • Young Living will process the order within the next 1-2 days.
    • If your friend has chosen to pick up the items (WILL CALL), please head to the local office within 2 working days to collect the item. Otherwise they will be delivered to the address on file.
    • If your friend chose to wait for delivery, it will take 3-5 working days to ensure for the parcel to be sent. If not, do contact Young Living office to enquire.
If you a new member with One Drop, welcome and please know that we have much resources waiting for you!
If your friend is the new member, he/she will need your help to navigate the world of Young Living. Stay close with them for the next 2-3 months offering to answer questions on both products and administrative matters. Definitely remind them of ER dates! You don’t have to be an answer for everything. For product support, advise your friend to join our Public Facebook group. Help them gain access to guide books and online apps. Also connect them to your uplines who can help answer their questions!
Getting someone started on this journey can absolutely change someone’s world. This opens a door to renewed health, a new way for families to thrive ; and every now and then it helps another see purpose in what they can do and be in this world. Your reaching out to them really does matter. So go start sharing today!