Getting Started

Member Support

Member Support

We understand the importance that any member – new or seasoned; need support – in order to feel confident about using the Young Living products. In addition, we believe in taking you on a personal journey to grow in heart and in skills. So we invest our resources constantly to build them; and also to point you to an array of established and trusted tools.

Why would we do all these? Because we are in your shoes as well – we are essential oils users and lovers; and we know we too thrive through education and support.


Public Facebook Group

When you truly discover and witness the power of essential oils, it is natural to want to know even more! To keep learning about these Young Living oils and the oils-infused products, we created a public Facebook group. You can also invite your friends to add themselves in so they begin to know why you are head over heels with Essential oils!

Private Facebook Group

We love our One Droppers and we have a private Facebook group that is only accessible to the team. You would have received our welcome email with instructions how to get yourself into this group. And if not, contact us with your Member ID by dropping us an email or contacting us on facebook and your private access will be on the way!

Learning Vault

And finally, as a One Dropper you will receive into the trove of treasures in our Learning Vault! Inside you will find infographics, powerpoint presentations and notes with a whole host of knowledge for you to pour over. We also have tools for business builders such as infographics that can be customized or even business noted for you to print.


There are at least 2 direct support networks you can tap into immediately – your upline(s) and peers from cross-organisations.

Uplines: These are simply people who have started YL a little ahead of you; and in the organisation your account falls into, their accounts are structurally above yours. Many are just users. And some have chosen YL as part-time or full-time career of passion. Ask the person who helped you set up your account to identify the leaders who are actively teaching and ready to help you anytime. It’s fun…like tracing up your family tree!

Cross-organiation Peers: This refers to friends who are not quite in the same group as you are. BUT in One Drop,  we are hard-core about driving that spirit of sharing and support across different groups/organizations. That’s our way to build a heart-centered team. Get to know the other ONEDROP leaders. Ask these good loving people for help. Anytime!


We have worked hard to create a unique experience for a beginners guide book. This is a great introductory book for anyone who is new to Young Living and essential oils as it covers all you need to know to get started on your oiling journey. You can view and purchase the book directly from our website through our shop. The book is available in both English and Chinese.


There are some incredible materials out there that we love that are reliable, accurate and exceedingly useful! We highlight the websites for you below where you can obtain guides that are supportive for your journey. Please ask your uplines if they or folks they know have copies on hand. That may make it a little easier and cheaper to get hold of them.

LifeScience Publishing: They published the Essential Oil Pocket/ Desk Reference guides

Abundant Health: They publish the Reference Guide for Essential oils. This is also available as a handy tool in a phone app.