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Membership always has its rewards. Make sure you know about them.

Member Perks: PVs and Free Gifts

Both Essential Reward and Standard Order Members have access to PV Promos every month. Check them out here. As you integrate these products seamlessly into your life through Personal and Family Health, Green Cleaning, Lifestyle needs; ordering every month with the Essential Rewards Program only make sense to help you SAVE MORE. Find out how the rebates work and the loyalty gifts YL lavishes you with as their token of gratitude.


In a nutshell, PV (which stands for Personal Volume) is the “YL international currency”. Whether you buy an oil from YL Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan or YL USA, the PV is always the same. 1 PV equates to 1 US Dollar. For Singapore, it is approximately 1 PV to SGD1.6.

Generally products like the essential oils, supplements and Ningxia Red have PV values that are exactly the same as its US price. For example, Lavender’s wholesale price is USD23.50 and the PV is 23.50. Items like the diffusers tend to be of a lower PV.


When you are on Essential Rewards, YL rewards you by crediting a certain percentage of your PV back to your account as rebates. To check how much PV has been credited into your account, login to your account and see the REWARDS POINTS BALANCE on the summary page. It’s like YL money!

For example, if you purchase 100 PV every month for 13 months -what it means is:

  • 1-6 month  – 10% rebate ->  10 PV per month in your account
  • 7-12 month – 15% rebate ->  15 PV per month
  • 13th month onwards – 20% rebate -> 20 PV per month

If you have been on ER for 12 months at 100pv each month, you will have received 150PV credits! You can use this to redeem products of the same value of PV or lower. It is like have a credit system in you YL account.


These PV credits you earn can be used anytime after you complete the SECOND month of your ER membership. Generally if you keep up with your ER membership, you would easily be able to redeem for a free product each month. Most items with a PV value can be redeemed except for those marked with an * in the price catalogue. To redeem, email, call, fax or request for redemption at the YL office.


All the Young Living offices offer different promotions every month. It does not matter if it is an Essential Rewards Order or Standard Order, you qualify for the freebies as long as you hit the purchased PV required. 

Check out the Monthly Promotions from YL here.