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Member Online Ordering Tips
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Member Online Ordering Tips

Young Living has offices in Asia in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan; and of course many others in the International market. Calling up your local office to speak with a Customer Representative or emailing them serves as one option to place your orders. But did you know Young Living has its own online web tool called Virtual Office that allows you to easily handle all these? So placing your orders over the weekend or late at night is absolutely possible too. Let’s learn how to now.


Remember this is a monthly-order program. When you first enroll with ER, a template of your orders will be set up and saved in your account. Your account comes with a pre-assigned date for ordering. Make sure you update this template with your latest orders before the processing date.

1. Go to Choose the country accordingly.

2. Click on Sign In on the top right. Choose the country-specific virtual office.

3. Login with your member ID and password.

4. Click on Essential Rewards Autoship on the left.  Remember, only click on STANDARD ORDER, if you do not wish for your order to be part of your monthly ER order.

5. After entering into the Essential Rewards section, you will see an overview page of your Essential Rewards Details such as the one below.

From here, you will be able to do the following.

a. View or change your monthly order.

b. Change your shipping method. You can either change where you would like your order to be shipped to, or choose to pick up your order from the Young Living office instead (WILL CALL).

c. Manage your payment method. You can change or choose which credit card on file you would like to use for your order.

d. This shows the date your order will be shipped to you. It is also known as your AUTO-SHIP DATE or ER DATE. In the example below, the order in the system will be shipped automatically on the 22nd of every month. Your auto-ship date can be changed in this section as per your preference. However, should you want your order to be processed immediately, without affecting your auto-ship date, you can click the next button (e).

e. Clicking this button will essentially tell Young Living that you want the order on the system to be shipped straight away. This will overwrite your auto-ship date for that month. However, for the next month, your auto-ship date will still be effective.

6. To place your order, click on CHANGE ORDER (a.).

7. You can choose to either do a quick search for the products on the top search bar, or look through the various categories to find your product.

8. You will be able to view a summary of what you have ordered below in the same page. Once you have made all your changes, do remember to click SAVE MONTHLY ORDER.

9. Once you are done, your order would have been saved. HOWEVER, do remember that your order will not be sent to you UNLESS your auto-ship date has reached OR you click on PROCESS TODAY (e.). Please refer back to point 5.


Remember SO orders do not earn you rebates. If you are not an ER member, you will be placing SO orders. If you are a ER member, you may make additional SO orders at times for ad-hoc needs.

1. Login and sign in to your account as described above Steps 1-3.
2. Click on STANDARD ORDER to place your order.
Orders are fulfilled immediately.


So after enjoying the Young Living products available in your country, you have a hankering to try the YL USA products? And no wonder. With the largest selection in all the YL branches, YL USA has so many wonderful oils and products that would be a wonderful accompaniment to what may be available in your local country office.

These are suggestions for making it worth your time and money to do an USA order.

Usually YL USA gives freebies at 190 PV, 250 PV and 300 PV. You can check out their promotions here. If you are going to get the items shipped back to your local country, consider consolidating your purchases to save on shipping and gun for minimally 190 PV promo. This is because FedEX shipping starts at USD28. Even for one bottle of essential oil! So in order to make the shipping price worth it, consolidate your orders. With a 190 PV order, you probably would pay approximately USD30+ shipping unless you have really heavy or bulky item such as balance complete.

A safe guide to avoid Singapore GST is to ensure that your order, shipping plus retail value of the free gift(s) does not exceed SGD400. That is approximately USD290 or less. If you go for the 250PV or 300PV tier promos, you will have to pay for GST. Do note that GST is not calculated when you check out your cart with Young Living, but that FedEX will send you an extra bill after you receive your items, asking for the payment. So, stick to a 190-200PV value for your order to stay within the tax-free zone.

By and large, to keep things straight forward, place your US order as a SO order. For accounts that are less than 1 year-old in SG/MY, your ER has to be done in SG/ MY to receive your Essential Reward Quarterly freebies, should you miss any of the months, your quarterly gifts will be forfeited. Find out about the ER gifts here. For those after a year of ER membership, you can switch your monthly ER orders to USA completely or toggle between SG and USA. However, do note that each time you switch, you will need to contact the local Young Living customer service to assist you to do so. Please remember to take into consideration your auto ship date when toggling between countries.


You may want to send a gift to someone who is residing in a different country. Your Young Living account allows you to order world-wide!

  1. If there is a local office in the country your friend/family stays in, contact the local office via email or call to ask for help to process a SO order for you . You can find the list of the international offices here.
  2. For USA, you can find the contact details including a Live Chat link here.
  3. If there isn’t a local office, contact the USA customer services to place your order. Do be mindful that every different country has varying custom and taxation regulations and your order will be subjected to them. Young Living has a quick reference list of Country Information in the USA Virtual Office. Young Living subsidises shipping by almost 50% when the orders to these countries are above 150PV! This helps you to send orders to those in other countries.