Young Living Videos

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 Learn straight from the creators and scientists behind Young Living’s products.  

Young Living’s Seed to Seal Promise

Watch D. Gary Young (Founder) explain the importance of Seed, the first step of the Seed to Seal® production process.

Go to Utah with D. Gary Young (Founder) and watch his dedication to the next step of the Seed to Seal® production process: Cultivation.

 Learn more about the Distillation process with D. Gary Young (Founder) as he seeks to produce the purest essential oils in the world. 

Watch D. Gary Young (Founder) describe how tests ensure the composition, distillation period, and effectiveness of oils.

D. Gary Young describes the attention to detail involved in the final step of the proprietary Seed to Seal® process.

Michael Buch, PhD, Vice President of R&D and Product Management, shows how YL measures the purity and quality the oils.

Young Living’s DIY

Clean your kiddos with this do it yourself bubble bath, made from naturally derived ingredients, including Young Living KidScents Bath Gel.

Finely ground oats soothe dry and itchy skin, while Epsom salt and premium essential oils take this soak to the next level of luxury.

With these homemade makeup remover pads, taking off mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow is a breeze, plus you know what exactly is inside!

See how cleaning with these DIY ideas will help you refresh your house from top to bottom. Plus, Thieves cleans without any synthetic or dangerous ingredients!

Learn how to make dry shampoo with this easy DIY project! Made with household ingredients and essential oils, this is perfect for new moms under confinement!

A fun and easy DIY to help you decorate your home and drive away those mossies and bugs while you are at it! Promise it will make your house look real classy too!

Lindsey Elmore’s (Global Director for Education) Videos

Watch Lindsey compare and contrast the pros and cons of each of the different Thieves toothpaste and explain why they are so effective.

Lindsey answers some of your questions about Ningxia Red. What is it really? Is its 100% natural? Learn more about this power antioxidant drink.

Does grapefruit oil interactions with medications? Does lavender oil cause breast swelling in young boys? Watch and find out if these are true in this video.

What are the different roles of progesterone in the body? Why should we use progesterone? Where does it come from in animals and plants?

We all have heard of the great benefits of Sulfurzyme, but what is actually inside and how does it help our bodies. Lindsey explains the science behind very simply.

A funny yet effective way to understand and explain what antioxidants are. A must watch if you have no idea what they actually are.