One Drop Talks

Witness and hear educational information


 Learn about Young Living and its products from us. Join us as we share basic information you need to know to get started on your Young Living journey!  

One Drop Talks: Basic Information

Did you just purchase your first Premium Starter Kit (PSK)? Find out that is in the PSK and how to use all the little bits inside!

What can you do with your first set of oils? Let us walk you through the oils in the PSK and how you can maximize their benefits!

What is Essential Rewards (ER), how can you benefit and why should you get into the ER program. Maximise your Young Living account with ER. Find out more here.

We know that the virtual office can be a little confusing, so walk through the VO with us and we will explain all the various part to you in this easy video.

Ordering oils through the Young Living Virtual Office is really easy and convenient, so let us walk you through the exact steps needed for you to place your Essential Rewards order.

Join Kaye and her beautiful Natalie, as they are here to share with us the basics on oiling for a child. How to use the oils and where to apply will be covered as well as some other important precaution to look out for.

Do you know that your pets can be oiled too? Join Kaye and Kai again as they shared how to oil your pets and safety precaution to look out for. After all, pets are much much more sensitive to scent and environment than us.